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Mission and Vision

The Mission of the Physics Program at Texas Southern University is to provide competitive training in the major marketable areas of physics preparing students for immediate careers in the best companies regionally and nationally, or continuation onto the elite graduate programs.  This training is commensurate with the modern needs for physics professionals capable of contributing in areas vital to our national scientific preparedness, such as (environmental) health physics, pre-medical/radiation physics, nano-engineering physics, physics education, mathematical and computational physics, quantum chemistry/pre-pharmaceutical physical sciences, etc. Each of these follows a curriculum providing comprehensive

Objectives: The objective of the B.S. Physics degree is to produce students well trained in the understanding and use of the laws of physics within a theoretical and applied framework. Students will have acquired the computational abilities by which to analyze physical systems and predict their behavior. Students will be able to apply these skills in any subsequent STEM related professional field of interest to them. Our graduates are expected to continue in obtaining advanced (M.S., Ph.D.) degrees in any STEM area, particularly physics, mathematics, and engineering. Alternatively, the skills acquired through our program should enable students to enter the STEM workforce upon graduation.