Chair’s Message

Dear Prospective Physics Major:
I am pleased that you have identified physics as your preferred major discipline. As Chair of the Department of Physics, we are committed to ensuring that you have a supportive environment focused on your successful completion of our rigorous but fulfilling program. As a major you will benefit from a selection of classes taught by a diverse group of faculty, with a wide range of capabilities, from several campuses that are part of the Texas Physics Consortium. This arrangement will be reflected on your diploma, which is issued under the authority of the Texas A&M University system that governs the Consortium in which the TSU Physics program is a partner. This in addition to our TSU faculty members that are actively pursuing research in a wide range of topics that include: mathematical physics, atomic physics, computational physics and astrophysics.

Our Health Physics program is unique in the Houston area and trains students to become radiation protection professionals with jobs opportunity in the health care and nuclear engineering industries. Dr. Mark Harvey is the director of the Health Physics Program.

The Department of Physics has state-of-the-art laboratories, including a supercomputer housed in the High Performance Computing Lab. Many physics major benefit from generous scholarships offered through the department.

We encourage you to visit us and find more about the learning opportunities, the available scholarships, the quality of the curriculum and faculty, and our commitment to do everything to ensure your success.



Oscar Criner,
Professor and Chair of Physics
Texas Southern University
(713) 313.1850