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Dr. Daniel Bessis

Professor, Texas Southern University,
Department of Physics
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Dr. Daniel Bessis is one of the most distinguished mathematical physicists in the world today. He has had an immense impact on many of the subfields of mathematical physics and has been a major player in this area of physics for nearly half a century.

Dr. Bessis has produced many outstanding students, among these Jean Zinn-Justin, who is one of the leading mathematical physicists in France. Michael Barnsley, a major player in the field of fractal mathematics, was his postdoc for two years in Saclay. Giorgio Parisi, winner of the prestigious Dannie Heineman prize in mathematical physics was inspired by earlier works by Bessis. Bessis has contributed to such diverse areas of mathematical physics as Pade theory, wavelets, signal processing, analytic function theory, quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. He worked with Handy on techniques for determining eigenvalues by using moment methods and provided inspiration for an active area of research that I am involved in now that is known as PT symmetry.

Bessis was the Scientific Director of the Mathematical Physics section at the Theory Division of the French Atomic Agency in Saclay, France. This institution included many of the top European scientists with whom he maintains active research collaborations.

Right now Bessis is interested in the deep problem of medical imaging. He has discovered what is likely to be an enormous breakthrough in this field. He proposes to use noncommutative matrix Pade approximations to perform fast, efficient, and accurate imaging. I believe that these new ideas have an excellent chance of revolutionizing this extremely important field.


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