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2011-09-23: TSU-HPCC awarded $220,000 by the National Science Foundation

The High Performance Computing Center at Texas Southern University has been awarded a grant of $220,000 by the National Science Foundation for expanding its research capabilities. The funding secured will allow a doubling of the present computational resources, lifting TSU to a competitive position in term of capabilities, similar to ones offered by Rice University and surpassing University of Houston's.

Directed by Dr. Tymczak (Physics), and co-directed by Dr. Vrinceanu (Physics) and Dr. Khan (Computer Science); the High Performance Computing Center's goal is to enhance learning and improve student achievement at Texas Southern University by integrating state-of-art technology into the classroom. Computational Sciences and High Performance Computing are rapidly becoming more and more relevant in many industries, and therefore TSU students have a chance to get first hand training in modern computational techniques, giving them a strategic advantage in the labor market. Our resources have been supporting a growing community of researchers who apply the intensive computational techniques to solve complex problems in Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Biology and Engineering. Our vision is that Texas Southern University becomes a regional leader in promoting a mobile learning environment, outside the traditional classroom, by integrating new innovative technology and advanced computational concepts.

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May 26, 2016
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